Is Strike 3 Holdings Changing Their Strategy?


Strike 3 Holdings has been filing copyright infringement lawsuits for years. They recently switched their focus to filing in Florida state court as opposed to federal courts. This decision has been met with criticism from attorneys but Strike 3 does not appear to be slowing down.

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Changes to Strike 3 Holdings Court Filings

In a recent court filing the following differences from previous filings were noted:

  • Strike 3 Holdings LLC is now stating that “Plaintiff has developed, owns, and operates an infringement detection system, named “VXN Scan.” This implies that Strike 3 Holdings has a way to detect when copyright infringement occurs.
  • New allegations have been added accusing defendants of downloading titles tying infringing conduct directly to the defendant, not merely to their IP address.
  • Strike 3 now also adds both the info hash as well as file hash to each alleged instance of its copyrighted movie being illegally downloaded. For example:
    • Info Hash:7EF8F2F7F6082F4D5A4608A1FCC50565AB14164B
    • File Hash: 5C6EE52299123D1519B27DD2EE8DDA90B5CC1C439DC0C8E8EBC0B3FA89B8681A
    • This seems to be a reaction to the recent federal court decision by Judge Zilly of the District of Washington, which held in favor of a counter-defendant, stating: “In other words, the referenced ‘Info Hash’ does not identify the actual motion picture that John Doe is accused of infringing, but merely the means by which the BitTorrent program can find the motion picture among the files of all of the computers connected to the BitTorrent network,” Judge Zilly writes.” Read more here.
  • At least in Virginia, they are using a new law firm to file their lawsuits, a Tennessee lawyer Dawn M. Sciarrino, Esq., of Sciarrino & Shubert, PLLC330 Franklin RoadSte. 135A-133 Brentwood, TN 37027-3280

How Strike 3 Holdings found you

Historically, Strike 3 Holdings has accused users of illegally downloading their adult film content without paying the proper licensing fees through file-sharing software such as BitTorrent. The first notice of the lawsuit is sent by the internet service provider (ISP) in the form of a letter along with a subpoena from Strike 3 Holdings. Defendants typically only have 30 days to act before they risk losing their anonymity.

To learn more about how Strike 3 Holdings found you watch the below video:

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