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This is a blog dedicated to updates on copyright infringement cases. We’ve represented nearly 2,000 clients across the US and are America’s most experienced BT copyright defense firm; we can represent you in your case against Strike 3 Holdings. For more information about handling your subpoena visit our main website’s Strike 3 Holdings page.

Strike 3 Holdings LCC  allowed to move forward with subpoenas for New York defendants

Strike 3 Holdings LLC has been granted permission to subpoena internet providers in order to find Rochester area residents who allegedly downloaded their adult content illegally. Strike 3 Holdings LLC filed the suit against the New York defendants earlier this summer. Strike 3’s attorney, Jacqueline James, said the company had no choice but to file the lawsuits in order to find out who is illegally downloaded the films. The Democrat and Chronicle provides an update on the case:

“In recent court orders, U.S. District Judge Elizabeth Wolford allowed Delaware-based Strike 3 Holdings to subpoena internet providers to try to determine the identities of more than two dozen western New York residents — just under half of them from the Rochester region — who may have committed copyright infringement crimes. Strike 3 alleges that the unknown individuals illegally downloaded and in some cases distributed Strike 3 films.

Strike 3 distributes its films through adult website subscription services and through DVDs. The company now has about 1,200 similar actions across the country, typically asking for $150,000, and some have culminated in monetary settlements.”

The U.S. District judge has agreed to temporarily block the subpoena information from going public since these home addresses don’t directly reveal who in the household may have committed the copyright crime.

Discuss with a copyright infringement attorney all your Strike 3 case options

You have three choices in deciding how you want to handle your case:

  1. You can file a motion to quash before it goes to court- this only works in certain limited circumstances. Contact us to discuss if this is the right option for you.
  2. You can fight it.

It may be a case of mistaken identity. Perhaps someone outside the home or office used the defendant’s IP address without their knowledge. Whatever may have happened, if you do not believe you should have received this subpoena, you can decide to fight in court.

Antonelli Law will fight back vigorously on your behalf.

  1. You can anonymously settle the case.

Anonymously settling through Antonelli Law ensures that:

  • All claims up through the settlement date (whether they are known or unknown) are covered. This means that you cannot be sued again by the same company for any additional alleged download activity that occurred before the settlement date.
  • You as a ‘Subscriber’ are released, not just your IP address. Meaning you are still covered if multiple IP addresses were used in any downloading activity.
  • Our fee is flat rate, and we negotiate the best settlement possible on your behalf. We have successfully negotiated numerous anonymous settlements that were lower than the original amount demanded by the movie company.

Why Antonelli Law is the best choice for your Strike 3 Holdings LLC lawsuit

 No matter how you decide to handle your Strike 3 Holdings LLC copyright infringement case, it is important to speak with an ISP Subpoena Defense specialist about your case. Antonelli Law can help you decide which option is best for your specific case. Antonelli Law is held in high regard by their clients and has represented nearly 2,000 clients across the US with their copyright infringement case.

Great lawyer you can trust

5.0 stars

“I am very grateful to Mr. Jeffrey Antonelli for his help. He is very professional and knowledgeable lawyer. A legal process could be very stressful and thanks to Mr. Antonelli it was much easier on my family. He was respectful, patient and willing to spend more time when needed. Jeffrey was always giving us complete and competent answers based on his extensive experience and fully describe our options. He was always very clear on his fees and expenses. I would strongly recommend Mr. Antonelli.”

This is an ever-changing area of law and we continually follow the latest developments. We understand the technology so are able to better defend you; our last complex trial involved computer firewalls, sophisticated commercial networks, and a Microsoft certified expert.

For more information about your case, including information on settling, filing a motion to quash, or fighting back in court, visit our Strike 3 Holdings LLC page or contact us at 312-201-8310 to schedule your free consultation.

New York: Strike 3 Holdings LLC v. Doe:

  • 1:18-cv-00364
  • 1:18-cv-00368
  • 1:18-cv-00469
  • 1:18-cv-00470
  • 1:18-cv-00471
  • 1:18-cv-00472
  • 1:18-cv-00473
  • 1:18-cv-00475
  • 1:18-cv-00476
  • 1:18-cv-00477
  • 1:18-cv-00479
  • 1:18-cv-00480
  • 1:18-cv-00481
  • 1:18-cv-00482
  • 1:18-cv-00483
  • 1:18-cv-00437
  • 1:18-cv-00428
  • 1:18-cv-00430
  • 1:18-cv-00432
  • 1:18-cv-00434
  • 1:18-cv-00435
  • 1:18-cv-00439
  • 1:18-cv-00440
  • 1:18-cv-00442
  • 1:18-cv-00444
  • 1:18-cv-00445
  • 1:18-cv-00446
  • 1:18-cv-00449
  • 1:18-cv-00450
  • 1:18-cv-00424
  • 1:18-cv-00425
  • 1:18-cv-00448
  • 1:18-cv-00451
  • 1:18-cv-00452
  • 1:18-cv-00454
  • 2:18-cv-00689
  • 2:18-cv-00691
  • 2:18-cv-00692
  • 2:18-cv-00693
  • 2:18-cv-00694
  • 2:18-cv-00695
  • 2:18-cv-00696
  • 2:18-cv-00697
  • 2:18-cv-00698
  • 7:18-cv-01473
  • 7:18-cv-01474
  • 7:18-cv-01475
  • 7:18-cv-01476
  • 7:18-cv-01479
  • 7:18-cv-01480
  • 7:18-cv-01481
  • 7:18-cv-01482
  • 7:18-cv-01483
  • 7:18-cv-01484
  • 7:18-cv-01485
  • 7:18-cv-01486
  • 7:18-cv-01487
  • 7:18-cv-01488
  • 7:18-cv-01489
  • 1:18-cv-01576
  • 1:18-cv-01580
  • 1:18-cv-01581
  • 1:18-cv-01583
  • 1:18-cv-01585
  • 1:18-cv-01587
  • 1:18-cv-01588
  • 1:18-cv-01590
  • 1:18-cv-01592
  • 1:18-cv-01594
  • 1:18-cv-01596
  • 1:18-cv-01597
  • 1:18-cv-01599
  • 1:18-cv-01602
  • 1:18-cv-01606
  • 1:18-cv-01609
  • 1:18-cv-01613
  • 1:18-cv-01144
  • 1:18-cv-01149
  • 1:18-cv-01152
  • 1:18-cv-01153
  • 1:18-cv-01155
  • 1:18-cv-01157
  • 1:18-cv-01159
  • 1:18-cv-01160
  • 1:18-cv-01161
  • 1:18-cv-01163
  • 1:18-cv-01164
  • 1:18-cv-01165
  • 1:18-cv-01183
  • 1:18-cv-01184
  • 1:18-cv-01186
  • 1:18-cv-01188
  • 1:18-cv-01190
  • 1:18-cv-01191
  • 1:18-cv-01192
  • 1:18-cv-01193
  • 1:18-cv-01194
  • 1:18-cv-01196
  • 1:18-cv-01197
  • 1:18-cv-01198
  • 1:18-cv-02648
  • 1:18-cv-02649
  • 1:18-cv-02650
  • 1:18-cv-02651
  • 1:18-cv-02652
  • 1:18-cv-02653
  • 1:18-cv-02654
  • 1:18-cv-02656
  • 1:18-cv-02657
  • 1:18-cv-02659
  • 1:18-cv-02661
  • 1:18-cv-00412
  • 1:18-cv-00413
  • 1:18-cv-00410
  • 1:18-cv-00411
  • 1:18-cv-02067
  • 1:18-cv-02070
  • 1:18-cv-02071
  • 1:18-cv-02072
  • 1:18-cv-02073
  • 1:18-cv-02075
  • 1:18-cv-02093
  • 1:18-cv-02094
  • 1:18-cv-02096
  • 1:18-cv-02098
  • 1:18-cv-02099
  • 1:18-cv-02124
  • 1:18-cv-02126
  • 1:18-cv-02128
  • 1:18-cv-02130
  • 1:18-cv-02132
  • 7:18-cv-03530
  • 7:18-cv-03532
  • 7:18-cv-03533
  • 7:18-cv-03536
  • 7:18-cv-03537
  • 7:18-cv-03538
  • 7:18-cv-03539
  • 7:18-cv-03540
  • 1:18-cv-04381
  • 1:18-cv-04382
  • 1:18-cv-04383
  • 1:18-cv-04384
  • 1:18-cv-04386
  • 1:18-cv-04387
  • 1:18-cv-04388
  • 1:18-cv-00568
  • 1:18-cv-00569
  • 1:18-cv-00570
  • 1:18-cv-00571
  • 1:18-cv-00572
  • 1:18-cv-00573

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