Strike 3 Holdings Lawsuit: What it’s about and how they got your name.


Strike 3 Holdings LLC is an adult entertainment movie company that is suing for the unlawful download or streaming of pornographic adult movies produced under the Blacked, Tushy and Vixen brands.

Why is Strike 3 Holdings suing me?

Strike 3 Holdings is suing you for copyright infringement. They are accusing you of using file-sharing software to illegally distribute their adult movies without paying the appropriate licensing fees.

How did Strike 3 Holdings get your name?

Here’s an overview summary of how Strike 3 Holdings obtained a subpoena:

  1. Using geolocation targeting they determined your IP address, as well as the date(s) and time(s) the illegal download(s) or distribution(s) occurred
  2. Once they have your IP address they ask a federal judge for permission to issue a subpoena, compelling your internet company to reveal who owns the account behind that IP address
  3. After this has happened, you will receive a letter or email from your internet provider as well as a copy of the subpoena from Strike 3 Holdings

What’s next in your Strike 3 Holdings case:

Once you have received notice, you have a limited amount of time (typically 30 days or less) to decide what to do before your options are reduced.

We will help you decide whether it’s better to:

  • Anonymously resolve the case
  • File a motion to quash it before it gets to court
  • Prepare to fight it in court. As experienced litigators, we will help you fight back vigorously

What do I do now?

  • The best thing to do is to speak with an experienced ISP subpoena defense attorney- we’ve worked with several defendants against Strike 3 Holdings and can help you
  • Don’t sign anything
  • Don’t try to delete anything – this could make penalties worse
  • Decide how you want to handle it

When most of our clients come to us they are in a lot of shock. Sometimes it was a child, a guest or they have no idea who may have used their IP address to illegally download movies from Strike 3 Holdings.

Other times they can’t believe that something so seemingly small as streaming something they found online has played out in this manner.

No matter what the specifics of your case may be, we will help you deal with this in the best way possible, whether that’s anonymous settlement or preparing to vigorously fight back.

If you’ve received a Strike 3 Holdings subpoena, call us today for a free, confidential consultation: 312-201-8310


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