Received a Subpoena from Malibu Media? Here’s What to Do


If you have received a subpoena from Malibu Media, don’t panic, you still have several options.

Malibu Media is aggressively filing copyright infringement lawsuits alleging the illegal download of their adult films from the website

What Are My Options After Receiving a Malibu Media Subpoena?

  1. Resolve anonymously: The defendant typically needs to start this process within two weeks to one month after receiving the summons or subpoena from their internet service provider (ISP). Many defendants choose this option to resolve their Malibu Media summons or subpoena as they want to remain anonymous. This is possible because it is a doe subpoena, which means that the defendant’s names are listed on the public docket as anonymous. The ISP has to send a letter to the defendant informing them that they have received a Malibu Media summons or subpoena before the defendant’s name can be released to Malibu Media.
  2. File a motion to quash before it gets to court: Within two weeks to one month from receiving their subpoena, the defendant needs to begin the process of filing a motion to quash. Many defendants choose this option as they believe that the evidence presented is deficient. BitTorrent copyright infringement cases sometimes do not state enough evidence. Filing a motion to quash a Malibu Media summons or subpoena attempts to persuade the judge that this copyright infringement lawsuit is so lacking that it cannot be repaired.
  3. Prepare to fight: It is very important to choose an experienced ISP subpoena defense firm like Antonelli Law to fight your Malibu Media copyright infringement lawsuit in court because this area of the law is complicated and ever-changing. Our attorneys have the most experience nationwide and are well-versed in the technology involved in these cases. Our last complex trial even involved a Microsoft-certified expert.

How Much Will It Cost?

  • Flat Fee: Offered for cases settled out of court, either resolved anonymously or by filing a motion to quash
  • Hourly Fee: Offered for cases taken to court, explained during a free consultation

If you’re in need of an ISP subpoena defense attorney for your Malibu Media copyright infringement lawsuit, start the conversation with Antonelli Law.


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