Pros & Cons Of Settling With Strike 3 Holdings


Are you deciding on if you should settle with Strike 3 Holdings and want more information? Antonelli Law is here to help*.

Settling With Strike 3 Holdings

If you settle with Strike 3 Holdings LLC, an adult pornography film company, it can make the situation go away faster and buy you some peace of mind.

When discussing your options with Antonelli Law during our free consultation, we can ensure that both the settlement and the settlement payment are made anonymously if you settle through our firm and your circumstances qualify.

However, it also means that you will have to pay a settlement regardless of whether or not you believe you should have to. That being said, our firm has found that many clients feel that the ability to ensure their anonymity and end the process is worth the settlement.

Settling with Strike 3 Holdings: Understanding The Cons

  • You will have to pay a settlement fee regardless of whether or not you feel you should have to.

Settling with Strike 3 Holdings LLC: Understanding The Pros

  • Your case can be resolved quickly.
  • Your case can be resolved anonymously from public records
  • Our firm can ensure that you as a person (not just your IP address) are released so you can’t be sued again for any other supposed download activity that happened before your said settlement.

How Much Will It Cost to Settle With Strike 3 Holdings?

Our firm offers a reasonable Flat Fee for motions to quash, or for helping you settle and remain anonymous in many cases. Most cases are resolved out of court. Typically, Strike 3 Holdings requests roughly $750 per movie downloaded. However, the maximum amount requested by Strike 3 tends to be about $50,000. Every case is different.

Our firm works to negotiate the best settlement possible on your behalf. We have successfully negotiated anonymous settlements that were lower than the original amount demanded by the movie company and will fight to get the best financial outcome for you.

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October 26, 2022

How Many Movies Do People Normally Get Sued Over For A Strike 3 Holdings Lawsuit?

In reality, each case is different, and it’s hard to pinpoint an exact amount that will cause someone to get sued. Our firm has seen cases where the defendant downloaded over 240 movies and others where the defendant downloaded around 20.

What’s A Typical Negotiated Settlement Amount With Strike 3 Holdings?

When Antonelli Law negotiates for clients, the settlement amount varies and can depend on several factors.

Average settlements tend to range from under $100/movie to approximately $500/movie. Our firm has also been able to prove financial hardship and get a settlement all the way down to $250 total, so it really is case-specific.

When Antonelli Law represents you, we will take a look at your case from every angle, and aggressively negotiate on your behalf. Once we know the specifics of your case, we can give you a better assessment and help set your expectations.

Call our firm to learn more about your Strike 3 Holdings Lawsuit.

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