Pennsylvania Jury Left to Decide if Malibu Media LLC is Entitled to Copyrights


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Malibu Media LLC in Pennsylvania

Malibu Media LLC is a porn production company that produces adult films and distributes them through their website In October, Malibu Media filed 10 lawsuits against anonymous defendants in Pennsylvania alleging they illegally downloaded their adult content using BitTorrent software.

A federal judge in Pennsylvania decided it should be up to a jury if Malibu Media should be authorized to the copyrights. A recent article explains:

Malibu Media LLC is by now well known as a frequent filer of copyright infringement lawsuits nationwide against web users alleged to have illegally downloaded and shared the company’s adult films. But on Nov. 9, a federal judge in Pennsylvania said it should be up to a jury to decide whether the company is entitled to stake a claim to those copyrights in the first place.

Malibu Media LLC and your Specific Case

Every defendant has a slightly different situation, so it’s best to discuss your case with an experienced ISP subpoena defense law firm. Antonelli Law will discuss all your options to figure out the best way to handle your specific case. You have three choices:

  1. Anonymously settle the case.

Individuals choose to anonymously settle for a variety of reasons, such as the promise of remaining anonymous or wanting to take care of their case quickly and efficiently.

A settlement buys you peace of mind and, if you settle through an attorney, the ability to settle and make payment anonymously. But it also ensures the plaintiff a profit regardless of whether or not you believe you are responsible.

  1. File a motion to quash.

You can file a motion to quash your case before it goes to court. This only works in certain limited circumstances. Malibu Media can decide to file an amended lawsuit even if your motion is granted. To determine if this is a viable option for your case, discuss your circumstances with your ISP subpoena defense attorney.

  1. You can fight it.

If you think you should not have received this subpoena, you can decide to fight Malibu Media in court. Antonelli Law will fight back vigorously on your behalf. The downside of fighting back is that it could put you in danger of having to appear in court, pay larger legal defense fees, and face the possibility of being held legally liable for a large amount of money.

Not settling forces the plaintiff to have to prove their case in court – something they may or may not be able to do. If the plaintiff cannot prove their case in court, you may have to pay nothing to them.

Antonelli Law will Help you with your Malibu Media LLC Lawsuit

Antonelli Law has experience handling anonymous settlements with Malibu Media, and we’re also knowledgeable litigators that will fight back in court on your behalf. We understand the technology involved so are able to better defend you. We’ve had complex trials that have involved computer firewalls, sophisticated commercial networks, and a Microsoft certified expert.

Contact us as 312-201-8310 to schedule your free consultation or visit our Malibu Media page for more information.

October 2018 Malibu Media v. John Doe Case Filings

Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-04266
Malibu Media v. Doe 5:18-cv-04268
Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-04275
Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-04270
Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-04271
Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-04273
Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-04267
Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-04274
Malibu Media v. Doe 5:18-cv-04272
Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-04269







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