Pennsylvania Hit! First Strike 3, now MALIBU MEDIA LLC Files


MALIBU MEDIA LLC is a company that produces adult films and distributes it through the website

This is a blog dedicated to updates on copyright infringement cases. We’ve represented nearly 2,000 clients across the US and are America’s most experienced BT copyright defense firm; we can represent you in your case against Malibu Media. For more information about handling your subpoena visit our main website’s Malibu Media page.

Malibu Media is filing lawsuits against Pennsylvania residents alleging illegal downloads of their content, typically using BitTorrent file-sharing software.

MALIBU MEDIA LLC Lawsuits in Pennsylvania

Malibu Media is based in Westlake Village, California and according to The Citizens’ Voice has filed lawsuits alleging that residents across the state of Pennsylvania have illegally downloaded their adult films.

If you’ve received a subpoena from your ISP, including a notification of a copyright infringement lawsuit, it most likely means someone used your IP address to download the company’s adult content without the proper licensing fees.

These are John Doe lawsuits meaning the defendants remain anonymous and are identified only by their IP addresses until their name is released by their ISP. This typically occurs after thirty days or less from when the defendant first received the notification if no action is taken.

These Pennsylvania copyright infringement lawsuits include four residents from Luzerne, Lackawanna, and Wayne counties.

“Exhibits filed with the lawsuits show the two Lackawanna County defendants live in Scranton and Olyphant; the Luzerne County defendant is from Hazleton; and the Wayne County defendant resides in Honesdale. They are accused of downloading seven to eight videos each.” While some defendants may have illegally downloaded Malibu Media’s adult content others may not have.

“Spoofing” software can allow users to make their IP address appear as a different IP address. Jeffrey Antonelli is cited in the same article as saying, “People spoofing an IP address can be anywhere in the world and pretend to be me, it’s like a fake driver’s license.”

Antonelli Law represents clients nationwide and can represent you in your Pennsylvania case against Malibu Media.

Why Hire a Specialist ISP Subpoena Defense Law Firm for your MALIBU MEDIA LLC Case?

This is an ever-changing area of law and we continually follow the latest developments. We understand the technology so are able to better defend you; our last complex trial involved computer firewalls, sophisticated commercial networks, and a Microsoft certified expert.

Antonelli Law will:

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For more information about your case, including information on settling, filing a motion to quash, or fighting back in court, visit our MALIBU MEDIA LLC page or contact us at 312-201-8310 to schedule your free consultation.




District Court of Pennsylvania Cases: Malibu Media LLC v. Doe

  • Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-00375
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-00376
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-00377
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-00368
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-00369
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-00370
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-00374
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-00371
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-00372
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-00373
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-00378
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 1:18-cv-00369
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 4:18-cv-00368
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 1:18-cv-00371
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 4:18-cv-00373
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 1:18-cv-00370
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 1:18-cv-00631
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 3:18-cv-00634
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 1:18-cv-00671
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 1:18-cv-00668
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 1:18-cv-00669
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-01295
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-01297
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-01291
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-01296
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 5:18-cv-01292
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-01294
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 5:18-cv-01293
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 1:18-cv-00740
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 1:18-cv-00750
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 3:18-cv-00747
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 1:18-cv-00749
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 1:18-cv-00754
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 3:18-cv-00745
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 3:18-cv-00751
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 3:18-cv-00748
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 3:18-cv-00744
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 3:18-cv-00753
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-01635
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-01628
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-01634
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-01642
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 5:18-cv-01630
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 5:18-cv-01638
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 5:18-cv-01636
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 5:18-cv-01640
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-01632
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-01643
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 5:18-cv-01637
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-01631
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 5:18-cv-01627
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 5:18-cv-01639
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 5:18-cv-01633
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-01644
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-01641
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-01629
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 1:18-cv-00965
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 1:18-cv-00968
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 1:18-cv-00967
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 1:18-cv-00966
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 4:18-cv-00969
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 1:18-cv-00964
  • Malibu Media v. Doe 4:18-cv-00970

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