Options For A Strike 3 Holdings Lawsuit


Is Strike 3 Holdings LLC suing you for copyright infringement? Unsure of what you should do now that you know your lawsuit is real? Antonelli Law is here to help!

Option 1: Filing A Motion To Quash For Your Strike 3 Holdings Lawsuit

Motion to Quash Pros:

  • The case could be thrown out for multiple reasons
  • The movie company could be exposed if it was engaged in some kind of technical chicanery or unethical practices, and the case could fall apart

Motion to Quash Cons:

  • You may still get sued
  • You may lose your anonymity if the motion is denied

Option 2: Fighting Strike 3 Holdings in Court

We have helped several clients fight back against copyright infringement claims in court. If this is the right choice for you, we are tenacious, experienced litigators who can help fight back vigorously. This is a federal case (unless you were sued in Florida state court), so we can defend you in any federal court across the U.S., no matter what state you live in. We can also help if you’ve been sued in Florida state court; just contact us to walk through the process.

Pros to fighting back in court:

  • You could win the case and get damages, including legal fees

Cons to fighting back in court:

  • You could lose the case and owe much more than the original settlement fee
  • You could lose your anonymity

Option 3: Anonymously Settle with Strike 3 Holdings

Getting sued can be a terrible feeling. It can be especially stressful if this is the first time you’ve ever been sued. Settling with Strike 3 Holdings LLC can make the situation go away faster and can buy you peace of mind. If you settle through Antonelli Law, we will ensure you can settle and make the payment anonymously.

Unfortunately, this also means that you will have to pay a settlement regardless of whether or not you believe you should have to. We’ve found that many clients feel that the ability to ensure their anonymity and end the process is worth the settlement.


  • The case is typically solved quickly and anonymously


  • You have to pay regardless of whether or not you feel you should have to

Why Hire Us For Your Strike 3 Holdings Case

Antonelli Law has defended individuals targeted in the type of lawsuit like the one filed by Strike 3 Holdings LLC for years. Most local attorneys have no background in dealing with this kind of federal lawsuit. However, Antonelli is extremely experienced in getting cases just like yours resolved quickly and cost-effectively.

Every defendant’s circumstances for their Strike 3 Holdings case are different; it’s best to discuss your situation with an experienced ISP subpoena defense law firm, such as Antonelli Law.


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