New Copyright Troll in Illinois: STTN Capital LLC


New Copyright Troll in Illinois: STTN Capital LLC

STTN Capital LLC has filed federal copyright infringement lawsuits involving the film titled “She’s Funny That Way.” The film was directed by Peter Bogdanovich and features Owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston, Will Forte and Imogen Poots. The film was released in August 2015.

To date STTN Capital LLC has only filed lawsuits in Illinois. Five multiple Doe cases were filed in Illinois in November, targeting 111 John Doe defendants. The company is represented by Chicago attorney Michael Hierl who has previously represented a number of other copyright holders including Dallas Buyers Club LLC, Cobbler Nevada LLC and Glacier Films Inc.

Like other BitTorrent peer-to-peer file-sharing cases, STTN Capital LLC accuses defendants of copyright infringement by using software and the internet to obtain the film without paying the appropriate license fee.

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District Court of Illinois

STTN Capital LLC v. Does 1-20 1:15-cv-10113

STTN Capital LLC v. Does 1-34 1:15-cv-10115

STTN Capital LLC v. Does 1-28 1:15-cv-10116

STTN Capital LLC v. Does 1-12 1:15-cv-10118

STTN Capital LLC v. Does 1-17 1:15-cv-10120


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