Malibu Media: Have You Received a Summons?


Malibu Media is a California-based motion picture company that has been aggressively filing copyright infringement lawsuits against anonymous defendants.

Malibu Media has been alleging the illegal download of their adult films from their website, If you have received a notice of a Malibu copyright infringement lawsuit from your internet service provider, such as Comcast, Cox, Verizon, or AT&T, here are your options.

The Options for Your Case Against Malibu Media

  1. Anonymously Resolve It: You can agree on a financial settlement before your ISP releases your name, typically within 2 to 4 weeks of receiving the subpoena. Malibu Media settlements are often in the range of $6,000 to $15,000, however, if you can prove documented financial hardship the settlement amount can be less.
  2. File a Motion to Quash: You can file a motion to quash the copyright infringement lawsuit before your ISP releases your name to Malibu Media. Typically, you have less than 30 days to do this. With a motion to quash you attempt to prove to a judge that the lawsuit filed against you does not have sufficient evidence. This option is also viable in certain limited circumstances such as if you live in a different jurisdiction than where the lawsuit was filed; or may be beneficial if the judge in your case has made remarks in prior court opinions that indicate a hostility to what the judge has described as “copyright trolls”.
  3. Prepare to Fight It: You can prepare to appear in court to defend your case with an experienced ISP subpoena defense firm like Antonelli Law. With this option your name might be released to Malibu Media. If you want to remain anonymous you can file a motion to proceed anonymously before your ISP releases your name. Most judges will grant this motion when the copyright infringement lawsuit involves adult films, but it is important to consider that some may not.

Costs Associated with Your Case Against Malibu Media

  1. Flat Fee: For Malibu Media cases that are resolved out of court either through an anonymous financial settlement or a motion to quash, Antonelli Law offers a reasonable flat fee.
  2. Hourly Fee: For Malibu Media cases that are taken to court a sensible hourly fee is provided and discussed during your free consultation.

Call Antonelli Law today to discuss the options for your case against Malibu Media, free and confidentially:  312-201-8310



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