How To Resolve a Florida Strike 3 Holdings case


If you’ve recently discovered you’re being sued by Strike 3 Holdings, don’t delay taking action. When you receive a subpoena from Strike 3 Holdings and a notice from your internet service provider, it’s important you take action as soon as possible to avoid your name being publicly tied to court documents or more severe penalties.

Strike 3 Holdings has filed federal cases for years, but their recent focus in Florida has been discussed widely and many are unsure how these cases differ from a typical federal filing. Each lawsuit is unique, but even if your case was filed in Florida instead of federal court, you should take it just as seriously.

More about your Florida Strike 3 Holdings case

A recent Bloomberg article explained Strike 3’s shift from solely filing federal cases to filing several cases in Florida.

“Strike 3 opened the new chapter in its playbook last fall, when it began filing cases in Miami-Dade County. So far the company has filed more than 40 such complaints, which can be several hundred pages long and include a series of IP addresses that have been used to download films. Miami-Dade judges have signed off on subpoenas.

Florida is where Strike 3 says its “infringement detection servers” are located. The state also has a procedure that allows complaints for a “pure bill of discovery.” In other words, the complaints don’t ask for money—only a court order that such internet providers as Verizon Wireless and Comcast Corp. reveal the subscriber.”

Read the full Strike 3 Holdings article by Bloomberg here.

Your options in your Florida Strike 3 Holdings case

In your case, you can choose to settle anonymously, file a motion to quash, or fight your case in court. While filing a motion to quash has been considered by some as a solution to Florida cases, it may not protect you from a federal filing down the line.

To ensure you’re making the right choice for your case, give us a call and we’ll walk through the benefits of each option as they pertain to your specific case.

Federal Strike 3 Holdings cases

  • 4:2020cv05993
  • 3:2020cv01660
  • 1:2020cv06846
  • 1:2020cv23559
  • 2:2020cv03985
  • 8:2020cv02473
  • 1:2020cv02474
  • 2:2020cv04216
  • 1:2020cv07065
  • 1:2020cv07066

New Florida state court Strike 3 Holdings case


Case docket number:  2020-018694-CC-05

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