Don’t Rely on Reddit for Strike 3 Holdings Information


We get it- you got a notice from your internet service provider in the mail, along with a copy of a subpoena, letting you know that Strike 3 Holdings is seeking your name and address so that they can sue you for allegedly illegally downloading their adult films.

You might be panicked and have a lot of questions, but don’t turn to the internet and sites such as Reddit for information about your Strike 3 subpoena.

Instead, visit our website’s Strike 3 Holdings page; watch the video, read all of our FAQs.

Finally, when you’re ready, schedule a free, confidential consultation so that we can tell you the realities of your specific case.

Here’s a preview of some Strike 3 Holdings frequently asked questions:

Who is Strike 3 Holdings?

They produce adult film content under the subscription sites Blacked, Vixen, and Tushy.

What exactly am I being accused of?

Strike 3 Holdings is accusing you (or someone using the internet connection that’s in your name) of illegally downloading their adult films without paying the appropriate licensing feeds. Essentially, you are being accused of copyright infringement that can (to some people) be more embarrassing because it is adult film content.

What does Strike 3 Holdings want? 

Money. Since they think they can prove that your internet connection was used to illegally download their movies, they want to sue you. When you initially receive your notice, they don’t know your name yet, just your IP address.

Using your IP address, they have figured out who provides the internet connection to your home and then filed a federal lawsuit by asking a judge for permission to send a subpoena to your internet provider requesting the name and address that matches the IP address they have.

The initial notification you’re receiving from your internet provider is a notice that your information has been requested.

When you receive this initial notification you are still anonymous.

You typically have 30 days to decide what you want to do before your personal information is released. The longer you wait, the fewer options you’ll have.

I can’t pay for this. What do I do now?

First, don’t ignore it. That could make things more complicated for you. Contact our experienced attorneys- we’ve been working on Strike 3 Holdings cases for years and can guide you through the process.

The initial consultation is free so that we can discuss the specifics of your case and you can make more informed decisions moving forward.

Still have questions?

Read all of our Strike 3 Holdings FAQs >


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