Cobbler Nevada and Glacier Films Heat Up Illinois


Activities in Illinois Heat Up

The movie The Cobbler, starring Adam Sandler and Steve Buscemi (one of my favorite actors) is a touching story about a Jewish man (Adam Sandler) working in his multi-generational shoe cobbler shop, who comes upon a special gift allowing him to cloak himself in the  appearance of his customers through the shoes they leave behind. The movie was released in March 2015, and  I recently watched it on Netflix. I found it worthy of my time.

However, the owner of the copyright to The Cobbler, Cobbler Nevada LLC, has been filing federal copyright infringement lawsuits against those it accuses of illegally downloading the movie through the use of software called BitTorrent. Cobbler Nevada LLC filed 6 lawsuits against a total of 199 so-called ” John Doe” defendants in the Northern District of Illinois this week. These defendants are not yet publicly named, but they can expect to start receiving notification from their ISP in the coming weeks about the lawsuit, and subpoenas their ISP have received which may force the ISP to release their identity.

To date, Cobbler Nevada LLC has filed lawsuits in Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, Oregon, Texas and Wisconsin.

Glacier Films Inc. has filed similar lawsuits for a film titled “American Heist.”  This week, Glacier Films Inc.  filed a case against 12 so-called ” John Doe” defendants in the Northern District of Illinois.  Glacier Films Inc. has filed lawsuits in Illinois and Oregon.

 Antonelli Law Can Help You – Nationwide

Antonelli Law can help you nationwide if you have received an ISP letter informing you a subpoena for your identity was received, or if you are served with a summons or waiver of service.

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District Court of Illinois

Cobbler Nevada LLC

Cobbler Nevada LLC v. Does 1-29 1:15-cv-05277

Cobbler Nevada LLC v. Does 1-29 1:15-cv-05279

Cobbler Nevada LLC v. Does 1-32 1:15-cv-05280

Cobbler Nevada LLC v. Does 1-34 1:15-cv-05281

Cobbler Nevada LLC v. Does 1-37 1:15-cv-05282

Cobbler Nevada LLC v. Does 1-38 1:15-cv-05283

Glacier Films Inc.

Glacier Films Inc. v. Does 1-12 1:15-cv-05285







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