Can I Lower My Strike 3 Holdings Settlement Amount?


Are you or a loved one a defendant in a Strike 3 Holdings lawsuit? Thousands of individuals are targeted each year by Strike 3 Holdings, accusing them of copyright infringement. Strike 3 Holdings LLC alleges that defendants illegally downloaded their adult film content using file-sharing software, often BitTorrent.

You have three options to resolve your case, settle anonymously, file a motion to quash, or fight your case in court. While settling tends to be a popular option, many worry about the expense and wonder how they’ll pay for it. Luckily, we may be able to help.

How we can help with your Strike 3 Holdings settlement amount

When you receive a subpoena from Strike 3, your anonymity is still intact and you typically have about 30 days to act to retain your anonymity. Many defendants wish to retain their anonymity and choose to settle anonymously, but settlement amounts can be very expensive.

At Antonelli Law, we’ve handled thousands of copyright infringement lawsuits, many of which have involved Strike 3 Holdings. We understand how stressful these lawsuits are, but we’re here to help in any way we can.

During your free consultation, we’ll discuss your case as well as your options to ensure you understand the next steps. If you decide that you want to settle the case, our team will fully support you through the process. While it’s not a guarantee, we have helped many clients reduce their settlements and in some cases by thousands of dollars.

We represent clients across the nation and are ready to discuss your case today.

Read a review from a former Strike 3 Holdings defendant

“We got a list of law firms attached to a notice that a court complaint had been filed by a copyright holder. After going through the list and doing online research we contacted Mr. Antonelli. Due to the pandemic, we didn’t hesitate too much about his firm being in another state, and also because the firm has workings/co-counsels in numerous states. Mr. Antonelli apparently has vast experience in this particular field (copyright infringement) and explained what his experience suggested would be the outcome. He was absolutely correct, and we were able to reach a VERY reasonable settlement. What impressed me most was how quickly he gets things done – from responding to online queries to scheduling a phone consultation (same day!) to answering emails, to filing paperwork and contacting opposing counsel. Especially given that we only had 30 days from the time the complaint was mailed to us to resolve it! Mr. Antonelli is very thorough and patient in answering questions and is understanding of his clients/potential clients’ confusion and apprehension when they get that complaint notice! Highly recommend.”

Read more reviews here.

To schedule your free consultation with Antonelli Law and to find out if settling with Strike 3 Holdings is the right option for you, call 312-201-8310 or reach out online.


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