What To Do With Your Copyright Infringement Subpoena From Strike 3 Holdings


If you’ve received a subpoena from Strike 3 Holdings, they’re accusing you of copyright infringement and you should act immediately.

Why you’ve received a Strike 3 Holdings copyright infringement subpoena

Strike 3 Holdings has reason to believe you illegally downloaded their adult film content. The case is tied to your IP address so your first notice of the lawsuit will likely be the subpoena and a letter from your internet service provider. It’s important you remain calm and contact a copyright infringement attorney who can walk you through the next steps in your case. The experienced attorneys at Antonelli Law are ready and able to help you resolve your Strike 3 Holdings lawsuit.

Our experience with copyright infringement subpoenas from Strike 3 Holdings

We’ve dealt with thousands of copyright infringement cases and are highly experienced with cases filed by Strike 3 Holdings. We’ll walk you through settling anonymously, filing a motion to quash, and fighting your case in court to see what option works best for you. We hope to earn your trust as we have for so many clients before:

“The Antonelli Law Firm was recommended to me when I was facing a copyright infringement case. From the start my attorney Paul Sanders and Edward broke down what to expect and walked me through the process and made the whole situation feel much less daunting. I really felt like I had a great team on my side and that I wasn’t just another case to them. I can’t speak highly enough of them. Thank you.”

To schedule a consultation with Antonelli Law for free to discuss your Strike 3 Holdings copyright infringement subpoena call 312-201-8310 or click here.

This is a blog dedicated to updates on copyright infringement cases. We’ve represented over 400 Strike 3 Holdings clients across the US since 2017, and are America’s most experienced BT copyright defense firm; we can represent you in your case. For more information about handling your subpoena visit our main website page for Strike 3 Holdings



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