Strike 3 Holdings Lawsuit: Nevada, it’s your turn!


Strike 3 Holdings is filing lawsuits alleging illegal downloads of their adult films produced by Blacked, Tushy, and Vixen. In April 2018 they filed 6 new lawsuits in Nevada.

Antonelli Law has local counsel located across the U.S., including in Nevada, and can represent cases nationwide. Strike 3 Holdings copyright infringement lawsuits are being filed against anonymous defendants for the illegal copy, download, and distribution of their adult films- often using BitTorrent software.

Why is Strike 3 Holdings Suing Me?

Strike 3 Holdings is alleging that defendants illegally downloaded their adult films produced by Blacked, Tushy, and Vixen.

These downloads are not traced to specific people but to their IP addresses. The copyright infringement lawsuit notification is sent to the holder of the IP address through their internet service providers such as Comcast, Cox, or AT&T.

Strike 3 Holdings claims that defendants downloaded their content without the appropriate licensing fees, probably using BitTorrent software. BitTorrent allows users to share large amounts of data over the internet with a peer-to-peer file transfer system.

After you have received a notification from your ISP you will have a limited amount of time to decide how you’d like to handle the case- typically you’ll have no more than 2 to 4 weeks to respond. Until then, you will remain anonymous and your ISP will not release your name or address to Strike 3 Holdings.

Next Steps after Receiving a Strike 3 Holdings Subpoena

There are several options for moving forward after receiving a Strike 3 copyright infringement lawsuit:

  1. Resolve it anonymously: Your case can be resolved anonymously from public records and even remain unknown from the movie company and its attorneys. You will most likely have to pay a financial settlement fee to Strike 3 Holdings.
  2. Filing a motion to quash: You can attempt to demonstrate to the judge that your case has no merit or that the evidence is insufficient. You could possibly still be sued or lose your anonymity if the motion is denied.
  3. Fight it: You can find an ISP subpoena defense firm such as Antonelli Law to fight your case in court. Our attorneys have nationwide experience and are familiar with the complex and ever-changing technology involved in these copyright infringement cases.

If you need an ISP subpoena defense attorney for your Strike 3 Holdings case speak with a specialist at Antonelli Law about your free consultation today.


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