Malibu Media LLC Targets New York Residents


This is a blog dedicated to updates on copyright infringement cases. We have handled more than 900 Malibu Media cases over the past seven years, helping each client figure out the best option for their individual situation. We can represent you in your case against Malibu Media. For more information about your subpoena visit our main website’s Malibu Media page.

Malibu Media LLC did not slow down with their copyright infringement suits in the final quarter of 2018.

Malibu Media LLC filed 105 lawsuits in November with 19 of them against New York residents. If Malibu Media targeted you, Antonelli Law is here to help with your lawsuit.

Should I settle my Malibu Media LLC case?

Once you receive your first notice of the lawsuit, probably in the form of a letter from your internet service provider (ISP) and a subpoena from Malibu Media LLC, you need to think about your options in how you want to handle your case.

Malibu Media is alleging that your IP address was used to download content online without the proper licensing fees. To guarantee your anonymity, you can settle your case.

When you settle anonymously through Antonelli Law, we ensure that:

  • All claims up through the settlement date (whether known or unknown) are covered.
    • This means you cannot be sued again by Malibu Media for any additional download activity that supposedly occurred before your settlement date.
  • You are protected as a ‘Subscriber’, not just your IP address.
    • This means that you are released from all supposed download activity on multiple IP addresses, not just one.

Why should I choose Antonelli Law for my Malibu Media LLC case?

An experienced ISP Subpoena Defense specialist will go over all your options on how to best handle your individual case. We’ve negotiated settlements, filed motions to quash, and fought Malibu Media in court. Antonelli Law will give clear, up to date information to help you decide what to do in order to reduce your anxiety about your case.

Contact us as 312-201-8310 to schedule your free consultation regarding your Malibu Media case today.




Malibu Media v. John Doe in New York:
Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-06412-JFB-SIL
Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-06432-DRH-SIL
Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-06433-SJF-SIL
Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-06434-JFB-SIL
Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-06435-DRH-SIL
Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-06437-JS-SIL
Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-06439-SJF-SIL
Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-06436-JMA-SIL
Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-06438-SJF-SIL
Malibu Media v. Doe 2:18-cv-06440-SJF-SIL
Malibu Media v. Doe 1:18-cv-10951-GBD
Malibu Media v. Doe 1:18-cv-10952-GBD
Malibu Media v. Doe 7:18-cv-10953-VB
Malibu Media v. Doe 1:18-cv-10954-DAB
Malibu Media v. Doe 1:18-cv-10955-AJN
Malibu Media v. Doe 1:18-cv-10956-JMF
Malibu Media v. Doe 1:18-cv-10957-ALC
Malibu Media v. Doe 1:18-cv-10958-RWS
Malibu Media v. Doe 1:18-cv-10959-VEC








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