Malibu Media LLC Files Big for 2018’s Third Quarter


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Malibu Media Filed 331 Copyright Infringement Lawsuits in the Third Quarter of 2018

Malibu Media LLC is a company that produces adult films and distributes them through the website Malibu Media is actively filing lawsuits across the US against anonymous defendants alleging they have illegally downloaded their adult content using BitTorrent software.

According to Law360, Strike 3 and Malibu Media LLC have not slowed down this quarter when it comes to filing copyright infringement lawsuits:

 “The James Law Firm, a solo practitioner based outside New York City, filed 141 more cases for Strike 3. Boroja Bernier & Associates, a small Michigan firm, filed 45 cases for Strike 3 and 44 more for Malibu Media, another pornography studio well-known for mass copyright litigation.

Five more firms in the top 10 — Kevin T. Conway, Law Offices of Jon A. Hoppe, Beik Law Firm, Media Litigation Firm and Fiore & Barber — each filed dozens of more cases for Malibu Media.

In fact, though the surge from Strike 3 has obscured it, Malibu Media hasn’t exactly been taking the year off. The studio, which has been filing infringement cases against John Doe internet downloaders at a prolific rate for years, filed 1,011 new cases during the first three quarters, including a total of 331 in the third quarter.”

Frequently Asked Questions about a Malibu Media LLC Subpoena

Why have I received this?
If you’ve received a subpoena from your ISP with a notification about a Malibu Media copyright infringement lawsuit, it most likely means someone used your IP address to download content illegally. The company is requesting your personal details from your ISP.

Is it real?
Yes, and ignoring the subpoena will reduce your options to fight it. Typically, once you have received this notice, you will have 30 days or less after receiving the notification to determine how you want to handle the lawsuit.

Can I get out of it?
Once you’ve received a subpoena, you have three options available:

  • Resolve anonymously (Read about settling here)
  • File a motion to quash before it gets to court (Learn more here)
  • Prepare to fight in court. We are experienced litigators who fight back vigorously.

Speak with an ISP Subpoena Defense specialist about your Malibu Media LLC lawsuit

It is important to speak with an ISP Subpoena Defense specialist about your case no matter how you decide to handle your copyright infringement case. This is a swiftly changing area of law, and Antonelli Law continually follows the latest developments.

We understand the technology involved so we are able to better defend you; our last trial involved computer firewalls, a Microsoft certified expert, and complex commercial networks. Antonelli Law will discuss all your options and help you decide the best course of action for your specific case.

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