I’m Being Sued by Joe Hand Promotions, Inc. Now What?


Joe Hand Promotions, Inc. is filing federal copyright infringement lawsuits alleging the illegal download and viewing of their pay per view events such as “Pacquiao v. Thurman” or “Mayweather v. McGregor”.

Have you received a summons and a lawsuit complaint from Joe Hand Promotions? We can help.

Your first notice of the lawsuit will likely be a letter from an attorney hired to represent Joe Hand Promotions, or you will be served with a summons and lawsuit complaint. They are alleging that someone at your commercial venue (like a restaurant or bar) illegally streamed a pay per view event such as “Pacquiao v. Thurman” or “Mayweather v. McGregor”, typically by using a non-commercial satellite subscription (such as a residential subscription), a pirate/black box, or a satellite subscription hack.

Antonelli Law is experienced in representing people accused of copyright infringement and is able to represent clients nationwide.

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These Joe Hand Promotions cases are time-sensitive and the longer you wait, the less options you will have. You must remain calm, don’t delete anything and don’t try to hide anything as it can make penalties worse.

Your three main options are:

  • Settle outside of court– This option is only available to defendants who have not yet received a summons and complaint. We offer a flat fee for cases settled outside of court and work to resolve your case quickly.
  • Take your case to court– If you have received a summons or a complaint, you must take your case to court. However, we may still have the option to offer you a flat fee for our services for a set amount of work needed to resolve your case.
  • Fight your case in court– If you choose to fight your case, your case may require a full-on legal defense. We charge an hourly rate for these cases, but we will walk you through the entire process so you have an understanding of what to expect.

We have helped nearly 3,000 clients nationwide resolve their cases and we are prepared to help you resolve your case and determine the best course of action for your specific case.

To discuss your Joe Hand Promotions lawsuit with an experienced attorney, call us today at 312-201-8310 and set up your free consultation.


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