How to Settle with Strike 3 Holdings


Thousands of copyright infringement lawsuits have been filed by Strike 3 Holdings over the past few years accusing defendants of illegally downloading Strike 3’s adult film content. These cases are serious and can lead to severe consequences if defendants do not take action. Many defendants look to settle anonymously as it allows them to keep their anonymity and resolve their case outside of court. If you’re being sued by Strike 3 Holdings and you’re interested in settling your case, keep reading.

Why Settle with Strike 3 Holdings

It’s important to note that settling is not the best option for every case, but it tends to be more popular than the alternatives. Whether you’ve heard of Strike 3 Holdings or not, you’re being sued. The lawsuit is tied to your IP address so Strike 3 is accusing you, or someone in your home or office, of the illegal downloads. Regardless of your level of guilt or innocence, your name is the one tied to the case and settling through Antonelli Law allows you to remain anonymous and avoid going to court.

The next steps to settle your Strike 3 Holdings lawsuit

It’s important to consider all your options when you’re being sued. Some cases are best settled outside of court while others may benefit from filing a motion to quash or fighting in court. The best way to determine the course of action that may work best for you is to consult with an experienced copyright infringement attorney. The attorneys at Antonelli Law have helped thousands of defendants resolve their copyright infringement cases and are ready to help you do the same. We also represent clients nationwide, including in Florida where many of these cases have been filed recently.

A review from a real Antonelli Law client who settled their case

I got a letter from my ISP concerning copyright infringement from a company that had been known as a “copyright troll” . I contacted several lawyers that were familiar with these sorts of cases and they were either extremely aggressive in their approach to the company or extremely aggressive and impersonal in trying to get us to hire them. I came across Jeff because he is known as a leading expert in drone law and also an esteemed lawyer in cases concerning copyright infringement. The fact that he was an expert in an area of law (so much so that the nytimes quoted him in one of their articles) made me feel like he wasn’t just a lawyer who wanted to get as many clients as he could. To me, being an expert in an aspect of law, meant he was pursuing excellence and expertise, and wanted to really know his stuff, and wanted to be really good at it. So I contacted him. About my case: it concerned some pretty sensitive information and my current financial situation is pretty dire, due to years of mental health issues. During the initial consultation, Jeff was extremely attentive, kind and sensitive to the specifics of my case and my personal life. I cannot say the same about other lawyers, who always seemed to be in a rush and seemed to only think of my in terms of dollar signs. Jeff took over 30 minutes talking to me about the case, different approaches, outcomes and the many complexities of dealing with a “copyright troll” like this, and eventually, the approach he said he would take which would have the best likely outcome, would be to settle under terms of financial hardship. He said he had similar cases where he settled for $0 because of financial hardship. I did not believe this was possible, in my mind I had already started to prepare for an outcome where I may have had to pay tens of thousands of dollars – which would have been financially devastating to me – but I thought this was the best approach, that would result in the least amount of damage to me. So I decided to hire him. After contacting the company, their initial settlement offer was in the multiples of tens of thousands. I was expecting this, from all the research I did, so I wasn’t surprised. After about a week and a half, where I contacted Jeff and his aids via email, gave him all the financial documents he needed to make my case for financial hardship, and discussed settlement amounts, Jeff emailed me and told me he settled the case for only a few hundred dollars. That amount was his first and only counter offer. The time between hiring Jeff and signing the settlement agreement was 10 days. The company agreed to his initial settlement offer on the first day. I believe the case settled so quickly and for so little because Jeff is known in the copyright infringement world and he has a stellar reputation, and the company probably didn’t even feel the need to counter offer or look further into my financials, because they knew Jeff is a straight shooter, and he isn’t going to put his reputation on the line to lie about my financials. I’ve learned that in legal matters, your lawyer’s reputation matters. If you have a lawyer with a stellar reputation, it puts you at a great advantage in the eyes of whoever you are facing, whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant. Overall, I cannot recommend Jeff enough. The case ended far better – and faster – than I ever could have imagined. And working with Jeff has been similar – better than I even imagined. He was patient when he needed to be. Extremely, sensitive, understanding and kind. I felt like he was on my side, and wanted to defend me, especially given my financial situation. But when it came to the case, he was extremely fast. After the consultation we contacted each other via email, and he always responded on the same day, usually within a few hours, he explained his approach clearly, gave me clear guidance, and always set realistic expectations. I don’t know what more I would want in a lawyer 10/10.

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Note: Our attorneys do not refer to themselves as experts or specialists under our professional responsibility rule. All words in the above review belong to that of the client who wrote it. 


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