Category: Dallas Buyers Club

Dallas Buyers Club LLC Nears 4500 Defendants

Dallas Buyers Club LLC returned “home” to the Northern District of Illinois last week, filing multi-doe cases against 144 “John Doe” defendants, bringing the national total to 4492:  15-cv-01765            Dallas Buyers Club v.  Does 1-25 15-cv-01766            Dallas Buyers Club  v. Does 1-28 15-cv-01770            Dallas Buyers Club  v. Does 1-15 15-cv-01771

Malibu Media, Millionaire Media, & Dallas Buyers Club

Last week saw the filing of a new BitTorrent copyright plaintiff in the Northern District of Illinois, Millionaire Media LLC.  DieTrollDie reported the filings on Halloween, October 31st.  Apparently, penny stock trader extraordinaire Timothy Sykes owns Millionaire Media LLC which in turn owns video and/or text files that it sells to people
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