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Malibu Media LLC and Strike 3 Holdings LLC are both prolific filers of copyright infringement lawsuits.

Both produce and distribute adult films, Malibu Media via, and Strike 3 Holdings via the websites Blacked, Vixen and Tushy.

Recently, the Supreme Court ruled that rightsholders can’t sue without a copyright certificate.

According to a article about the decision:

The case in question dealt with news articles that were published without permission, but the outcome of the case will affect all future copyright cases. This ranges from potential pre-release movie and leaks to the thousands of copyright-trolling cases that are filed every year.

The latter is particularly relevant as the majority of the copyright lawsuits are filed against alleged BitTorrent downloaders. The rightsholders that file these suits don’t always have a copyright registration certificate. Following the Supreme Court decision, several defense attorneys indicated that this decision may help their clients.

“It is very relevant for our BitTorrent copyright defense practice,” Jeffrey Antonelli noted on Twitter.

While the decision created more clarity in the law, not everyone was pleased with the outcome.

“This ruling allows administrative backlog to prejudice the timely enforcement of constitutionally based rights and prevents necessary and immediate action against infringement that happens at Internet speed,” the RIAA commented.

“Given this ruling, the Copyright Office must also work at Internet speed to ensure adequate enforcement protects essential rights.”

At the moment it takes months before a copyright registration certificate is issued. That can be problematic in a world where new content is produced at an increasingly rapid rate. This problem is also highlighted by the Copyright Alliance.

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