5 Things To Know About Your Strike 3 Holdings LLC Subpoena


Did you receive notice in the mail regarding a subpoena from Strike 3 Holdings? If so, you are likely to be sued by the company for copyright laws, more specifically copyright infringement. They are accusing you, or someone in your home or office, of illegally downloading Strike 3 Holding’s adult films, most likely through BitTorrent sharing software.

1. Who is Strike 3 Holdings LLC?

Strike 3 Holdings is a media company that produces adult films. Their pornography films are published on various subscriptions sites such as Blacked, Tushy, and Vixen.

The company is currently filing federal lawsuits, as well as, lawsuits in Florida State Court, for copyright infringement.

2. How Strike 3 Holdings LLC Found You

When receiving a notice from your Internet Service Provider, such as Comcast, Verizon, etc., it is to notify you of a subpoena from the company Strike 3 Holdings.

The company was able to contact you because of your IP address. Each internet connection will have a unique address, specific to that exact connection. By using different methods and technology, the company was allegedly able to track illegal downloads of their content to your IP address.

Once Strike 3 Holdings has your IP address, they can do a ‘reverse lookup’ and figure out who provides the internet to your home (Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, Cox, etc.). By knowing your IP address and your internet provider, the company files a federal lawsuit for copyright infringement. They then ask a judge for permission to send over a subpoena to your internet provider, requesting your name and address.

When you first receive this notice, it is from your internet provider to let you know that your personal information is being requested. Before your internet provider releases this information, they will send the subpoena notification to you.

3. When Are Your Anonymous To Strike 3 Holdings LLC?

When getting your notice in the mail, the court and company Strike 3 Holdings will know you as “John Doe”. After this initial piece of mail, you will typically have 30 days or less from the day you receive the notification to decide how you want to handle the case. The longer you wait, the fewer options that may be available, potentially along with the option to remain anonymous.

4. Strike 3 Holdings LLC Lawsuit Options

Now, whether or not you did download their content, you are going likely going to be sued by the company Strike 3 Holdings. This is because, at this point, the company thinks you have and the court believes Strike 3 Holdings has enough evidence for your case to proceed.

You may have three options available to you:

  1. Settle your case out of court
  2. File a Motion to Quash
  3. Fight back in court

5. Finding A Lawyer For Your Strike 3 Holdings LLC Lawsuit

Antonelli Law has experienced defense attorneys in BitTorrent sharing software and alleged copyright infringement lawsuits.

We have been sending those who have been targeted in these types of lawsuits, such as Strike 3 Holdings LLC filings, for years. Most local attorneys have no background in dealing with this kind of federal lawsuit: we are extremely experienced in getting cases just like yours resolved quickly and cost-effectively. Our local counsel from the west coast to the east coast helps us efficiently and effectively settle and fight lawsuits in your state.

Our law firm will work tirelessly to help you understand what the movie company is after, can offer a breakdown of attorney fees, discuss paying a settlement, and more.

Call Antonelli Law for your free consultation at (312) 201-8310 to discuss your Strike 3 Holdings LLC lawsuit.


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