Should I Settle with Malibu Media LLC?


This is a blog dedicated to updates on copyright infringement cases. We have handled more than 900 Malibu Media cases over the past seven years, helping each client figure out the best option for their individual situation. We can represent you in your case against Malibu Media. For more information about your subpoena visit our main website’s Malibu Media page.

When faced with a Malibu Media LLC subpoena, it’s important to know your options. Many individuals end up making uninformed decisions on how to handle their subpoena and pay more than they wanted or end up unhappy with how their case turns out.

Options for Handling Your Malibu Media LLC Subpoena

1. Fight Malibu Media in court.

If you believe you should not have received a subpoena, you can decide to fight Malibu Media in court. Antonelli Law has an experienced defense team that will fight back vigorously on your behalf.

2. File a motion to quash.

Before your case goes to court you can decide to file a motion to quash. This will only work in certain situations, so make sure to discuss your circumstances with your ISP subpoena defense attorney. Even if the motion is granted, Malibu Media may be able to file an amended lawsuit.

3. Decide to anonymously settle your Malibu Media case.

A settlement will provide you peace of mind and, when you settle through an attorney, the ability to make payment anonymously. However, it also ensures the plaintiff will receive a profit regardless of whether or not you believe you are responsible.

If you decide that settling is the right decision for you, Antonelli Law will negotiate your settlement agreement to ensure you are fully protected from any future lawsuits for any supposed download activity that occurred prior to the settlement.

Settling anonymously through Antonelli Law ensures that:

You as a person are released, not just your IP address.

  • That means you are still covered if multiple IP addresses were used in any downloading activity.

All claims up through the settlement date (whether known or unknown) are covered.

  • That means that you will not be sued again by the same company for any additional alleged download activity that occurred prior to the settlement date.

Can You Ignore a Malibu Media LLC Subpoena?

Your first notice of the lawsuit will probably be a letter from your internet service provider (ISP) and a subpoena from Malibu Media LLC alleging that your IP address was used to download content illegally, most likely using a file-sharing software such as BitTorrent. Once you’ve received your subpoena, you will likely have 30 days or less to decide how you want to proceed.

If you decide to ignore your subpoena, you risk losing your anonymity. Your ISP can release your name to Malibu Media and they will amend the complaint with your name as the defendant instead of “John Doe”. This will be in the public court documents and you will be served with a court summons.

Discuss all your options with an ISP subpoena defense attorney. Antonelli Law offers free copyright infringement consultations to those being sued by Malibu Media LLC.

Contact us today or call 312-201-8310 to set up your free consultation or visit our Malibu Media page for more information.




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