New Jersey Malibu Media Case Filed in February 2017 Still Going in April 2019


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Malibu Media Files Complaint in District Court, D. New Jersey… in 2017

On February 24, 2017, Malibu Media filed a complaint in the District Court, D. New Jersey, against John Doe Subscriber Assigned IP Address By May of 2017 an order was granted to Malibu Media allowing for expedited discovery. On October 19, 2017, the original complaint was amended to include the Defendant’s name.

While this name is now public record, we do not think his identity adds anything to this post, so we will refer to him only as Defendant.

Once the complaint was amended, Malibu Media requested a summons. Once the summons was served on October 26, 2017, Defendant had until November 15, 2017 to answer.

Malibu Media Case Ongoing in 2019

From here, the case starts to pick up as the Defendant pushes back, with the latest updates to the court records added on April 3, 2019.

Your Case Against Malibu Media

Why is the above case important? If you’ve been served with a subpoena by Malibu Media, you will need to decide how you’d like to handle your case.

You have three options moving forward:

  1. You can anonymously settle the case
  2. You can file a motion to quash in certain limited circumstances
  3. You can fight back in court

Settling with Malibu Media

As you can see from the above, a settlement can make the situation go away faster, will provide you peace of mind and, when you settle through an attorney, the ability to make payment anonymously.

However, it also ensures Malibu Media will receive a profit regardless of whether or not you believe you are responsible.

If you decide that settling is the right decision for you, Antonelli Law will negotiate your settlement agreement to ensure you are fully protected from any future lawsuits for any supposed download activity that occurred prior to the settlement.

Fighting Back in Court

You can also choose to fight back in court.  We are experienced litigators who will fight back vigorously on your behalf.

As you can see, each defendant should seek legal advice from an ISP subpoena defense law firm, such as Antonelli Law.

By discussing your individual case, you will be better able to understand what each option means for you and make the best decisions for your particular case.

We work with clients nationwide.

Contact us today at 312-201-8310 to set up your free consultation regarding your Strike 3 Holdings LLC subpoena.



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