Malibu Media Case Won by Defendant in Illinois


Malibu Media is alleging that anonymous Illinois defendants are illegally downloading their adult content using BitTorrent software.

This is a blog dedicated to updates on copyright infringement cases. We’ve represented nearly 2,000 clients across the US and are America’s most experienced BT copyright defense firm; we can represent you in your case against Malibu Media. For more information about handling your subpoena visit our main website’s Malibu Media page.

Malibu Media is actively filing lawsuits across the US, including in Illinois. Here’s what to do if you’ve received a subpoena and notification letter from your ISP.

Malibu Media in Illinois

According to Law360 “An Illinois federal judge has handed Malibu Media a rare summary judgment defeat, dismissing a case in which the litigious porn studio accused opposing counsel of working in tandem with ‘a fanatical Internet hate group.’” This decision was handed down by U.S. Magistrate Judge Geraldine Soat Brown after Malibu Media accused the lead defense attorney of being “in bed with anti-copyright extremists.”

Antonelli Law can help you with your Illinois case. Our attorneys are experienced with copyright infringement cases, have gone up against Malibu Media, and understand how to help you achieve the best outcome. This field of the law is fast-changing and our litigators continually follow the latest developments.

Malibu Media: Frequently Asked Questions

Why have I received this?
The Malibu Media subpoena and notification letter from your ISP probably relate to a federal copyright infringement lawsuit alleging that someone in your home or office illegally downloaded titles from using file-sharing software such as BitTorrent.

Is it real?
Yes, and ignoring the subpoena will reduce your options to fight it. Typically, you only have two weeks to a month to file a motion to quash or vacate the subpoena after receiving it.

Can I get out of it?
Once you’ve received a subpoena, there are three options available:

  • Resolve anonymously (Read about settling here)
  • File a motion to quash before it gets to court (Learn more here)
  • Prepare to fight in court. We are experienced litigators who fight back vigorously.

We’ve helped nearly 2,000 clients across the US resolve their cases and can help you figure out the best course of action to take.

How much will it cost?

  • Most cases are resolved out of court. We offer a reasonable flat fee for motions to quash or for helping you settle and remain anonymous in many cases.
  • Want to fight it? We charge an hourly fee and can explain what to expect during your free consultation.

What do I do now?

Our consultations are free, and we work nationwide.

Contact us as 312-201-8310 to schedule your free consultation or visit our Malibu Media page for more information.

Northern District of Illinois Cases: Malibu Media LLC v. Doe

(Antonelli Law’s principal Jeffrey Antonelli is admitted to the Northern District Court of Illinois federal trial bar and general bar)

  • 1:18-cv-00440
  • 1:18-cv-00441
  • 1:18-cv-00442
  • 1:18-cv-00443
  • 1:18-cv-00444
  • 1:18-cv-00445
  • 1:18-cv-00446
  • 1:18-cv-00447
  • 1:18-cv-00448
  • 1:18-cv-00449
  • 1:18-cv-00450
  • 1:18-cv-00451
  • 1:18-cv-00452
  • 1:18-cv-00453
  • 1:18-cv-00454
  • 1:18-cv-00455
  • 1:18-cv-00456
  • 1:18-cv-00457
  • 1:18-cv-01606
  • 1:18-cv-01607
  • 1:18-cv-01608
  • 1:18-cv-01609
  • 1:18-cv-01610
  • 1:18-cv-01618
  • 1:18-cv-01620
  • 1:18-cv-01935
  • 1:18-cv-01944
  • 1:18-cv-01945
  • 1:18-cv-01952
  • 1:18-cv-01953
  • 1:18-cv-01954
  • 1:18-cv-01955
  • 1:18-cv-01956
  • 1:18-cv-02528
  • 1:18-cv-02529
  • 1:18-cv-02531
  • 1:18-cv-02532
  • 1:18-cv-02533
  • 1:18-cv-02537
  • 1:18-cv-02538
  • 1:18-cv-02539
  • 1:18-cv-02540
  • 1:18-cv-02541
  • 1:18-cv-02543
  • 1:18-cv-02544
  • 1:18-cv-02545
  • 1:18-cv-02546
  • 1:18-cv-03025
  • 1:18-cv-03026
  • 1:18-cv-03027
  • 1:18-cv-03028
  • 1:18-cv-03030
  • 1:18-cv-03031
  • 1:18-cv-03032
  • 1:18-cv-03033
  • 1:18-cv-03034
  • 1:18-cv-03036
  • 1:18-cv-03038
  • 1:18-cv-03039
  • 1:18-cv-03040
  • 1:18-cv-03041
  • 1:18-cv-03042
  • 1:18-cv-03043
  • 1:18-cv-03044
  • 1:18-cv-03045
  • 1:18-cv-03047

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