Antonelli Law Gets Malibu Media LLC Dismissed


Court Grants Antonelli Law a Motion to Dismiss Against Malibu Media LLC in Illinois

This is a blog dedicated to updates on copyright infringement cases. We have handled more than 900 Malibu Media cases over the past seven years, helping each client figure out the best option for their individual situation. We can represent you in your case against Malibu Media. For more information about your subpoena visit our main website’s Malibu Media page.

Antonelli Law’s Win in Illinois Against Malibu Media LLC

Antonelli Law recently represented a John Doe (assigned IP address against Malibu Media LLC who alleged the defendant illegally downloaded their adult films. Malibu Media LLC is a company that produces adult films and distributes them through the website

Antonelli Law successfully defended their client and got the claim dismissed without prejudice by Judge Sara L. Ellis of the United States District Court Northern District of Illinois Eastern Division.

Malibu Media LLC has filed thousands of lawsuits against anonymous defendants for allegedly illegally downloading their adult films, most likely using a file-sharing software such as BitTorrent. Malibu Media LLC has until December 20th to inform the court if it has decided to attempt to amend its claims or abandon it.

Jeffrey Antonelli explains why it’s important to choose a specialist ISP subpoena defense law firm to defend you against Malibu Media LLC:

“Because we are very experienced in the field and constantly following this type of law, we are able to better know if a judge will be friendly towards your case. We also know other cases in the field so we can cite them before the court.

In this situation, we cited an important new case that came out of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, which said in addition to having someone’s IP address, a movie company really needs something else before they go ahead and put someone through the burden of being named in a lawsuit.”

Learn more about this Malibu Media case here >

Next Steps for Malibu Media LLC in Chicago

Judge Sara Ellis gave Malibu Media LLC until December 20th to decide if they want to file an amended complaint to provide additional evidence tying John Doe to the alleged copyright infringement.

 This ruling is an important sign that the judges are paying attention to Malibu Media LLC and that in some circumstances, there are problems with these cases.

Antonelli Law: The Best Choice for Your Malibu Media LLC Case

Unlike other law firms, Antonelli Law will make sure you have a clear understanding of the lawsuit brought against you so you can make an informed decision regarding your case. If you choose to take your case to court, we will use the latest news and resources to defend you.

We also understand the technology involved so are able to better defend you. We’ve had complex trials that have involved computer firewalls, sophisticated commercial networks, and a Microsoft certified expert.

Contact us as 312-201-8310 to schedule your free consultation regarding your Malibu Media case today.


Malibu Media v. John Doe in Illinois, November 2018:

Malibu Media v. Doe 1:18-cv-07606
Malibu Media v. Doe 1:18-cv-07608
Malibu Media v. Doe 1:18-cv-07609
Malibu Media v. Doe 1:18-cv-07652
Malibu Media v. Doe 1:18-cv-07653
Malibu Media v. Doe 1:18-cv-07654
Malibu Media v. Doe 1:18-cv-07656
Malibu Media v. Doe 1:18-cv-07657
Malibu Media v. Doe 1:18-cv-07658
Malibu Media v. Doe 1:18-cv-07661
Malibu Media v. Doe 1:18-cv-07663
Malibu Media v. Doe 1:18-cv-07664
Malibu Media v. Doe 1:18-cv-07665
Malibu Media v. Doe 1:18-cv-07666










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