Who is Fallen Productions and Why Are They Suing Me?


Fallen Productions is a production company that has filed several copyright infringement cases in Illinois and Hawaii. If you have received a notice from your internet service provider (ISP) such as Comcast, Cox, Verizon, or AT&T, along with a subpoena from Fallen Productions, Inc., you are being sued.

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Why Fallen Productions is suing you

Fallen productions is alleging that you, or someone in your home or office, illegally downloaded their film “Angel Has Fallen” without paying the proper licensing fees. Many defendants are accused of using file-sharing software such as BitTorrent to download these films.

These cases are serious and time-sensitive so if you’re being sued, take action immediately. In most cases, the longer you wait to act, the less options you’ll have.

How to resolve your Fallen Productions lawsuit

A great first step in resolving your case is to consult with an experienced copyright infringement attorney who can lay out your options and help you decide on the best course of action for your specific case.

You typically have three options:

  • Settle your case outside of court
  • File a motion to quash
  • Fight your case in court

How to find an attorney to represent you in your Fallen Productions lawsuit

Due to the serious nature of these cases, you want to ensure that you have an attorney who has worked on cases like yours and who will fight for you until your case is resolved completely.

The experienced attorneys at Antonelli Law have helped nearly 3,000 clients across the United States resolve cases just like these, and we’re ready to discuss yours. We’ll go over your case as well as possible courses of action. We’ll also advise you throughout the entire process.

We offer a low flat fee for cases resolved out of court, and for cases that end up being fought in court, we charge an hourly fee. We will explain what you can expect during our free consultation.

We’ll walk you through the entire process prior to deciding on a course of action and fight for you until your case is resolved.

List of Fallen Productions, Inc. Cases Filed by State


  • 1:2019cv08339
  • 1:2019cv08340
  • 1:2019cv08341
  • 1:2019cv08342
  • 1:2019cv08343
  • 1:2020cv00367
  • 1:2020cv00368
  • 1:2020cv00369
  • 1:2020cv00371
  • 1:2020cv00374


  • 1:2020cv00004

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