LHF Productions Requests Summons in Ohio for “London Has Fallen” Movie Download Lawsuit – But That’s Not All


LHF Productions, the copyright holder of the movie the movie “London Has Fallen” starring Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman and Aaron Eckhart filed a number of lawsuits in Ohio federal court. But we found one that is a little unusual.

This LHF Productions Case in Ohio is Unusual

The docket of the case 2: 16-cv-00498-EAS-EPD LHF Productions, Inc. v. Does 1-17 reveals an interesting story, and it would behoove any defendant in the case to read it thoroughly. A number of requests for summons to issue have recently been filed.

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While not a comprehensive report, the following points are worthy of further investigation:

We are especially intrigued, since the request for early discovery filed by LHF Productions, Inc. did not mention any IP addresses assigned by Cincinnati Bell. It only mentioned Frontier Communications, Fuse Internet Access, and WideOpenWest.

In addition, the request for early discovery filed by LHF Productions contains:

  • A memorandum in support stating that plaintiff is seeking damages and injunctive relief of a film known as “Fathers & Daughters.”
  • An affidavit from Daniel Macek for another lawsuit, a 2014 copyright infringement lawsuit by Dallas Buyers Club LLC, case number 2:14-cv-388. Yet, the last page of the affidavit is Daniel Macek’s signature dated April 30 2016.

Now we know that the copyright for the movie Fathers and Daughters is registered to Fathers & Daughters Nevada LLC, as shown by this certificate of registration signed by Emilie Kennedy from a lawsuit Fathers & Daughters Nevada LLC filed in Arizona federal court. So that’s just clearly a mistake.

But the name of Emilie Kennedy appearing on the certificate is interesting for us. Attorney Emilie Kennedy had been employed in 2014 by the law firm run by attorney Keith Lipscomb who acted as outside general counsel for the national litigation campaign of Malibu Media LLC. Attorney Emilie Kennedy is now employed by the Pillar Law Group in Beverly Hills which has been filing copyright infringement lawsuits on behalf of Malibu Media LLC. We do not know if the Emilie Kennedy which appears on the Fathers & Daughters Nevada LLC copyright Certificate of Registration is the same as attorney Emilie Kennedy. If it is, its a connection we had not noticed before.

In any event, the court granted LHF Production’s subpoena request on August 17 2016.

The infirmities identified above are just one reason why good defense counsel are needed to defend these cases.

Whether the judge would dismiss the case with prejudice when alerted to the facts above are, of course, another matter entirely.

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Usually your first notice about the LHF Productions Inc. lawsuit is a letter from your ISP such as Altice/Cablevision/Optimum Online,  AT&T, CenturyLink, Charter, Comcast, Cox, Time Warner, or Verizon and a subpoena. The letter notifies you that the ISP has been subpoenaed to release your name to the plaintiff. The letter often mentions your right to file in court a motion to quash or vacate the subpoena.

The following is adapted  from our article I received a Comcast letter and Subpoena – Help!

I received a Optimum Online letter and Subpoena – Help!

For many people in the past five years, they have gotten their mail and been surprised and confused to receive an Optimum Online letter or other Internet Service Provider (ISP) with a copy of a subpoena informing them:

1) A subpoena was been received to reveal your identity in relation to a copyright infringement lawsuit.

2) If you do not file a motion to quash or vacate the subpoena, then after a certain amount of time such as two weeks or 30 days, the ISP will then turn over your name to the Plaintiff who filed the lawsuit.

3) Sometimes, the ISP will advise you to speak with a BitTorrent defense lawyer listed with the EFF Subpoena Defense such as  Antonelli Law.


The ISP letter and subpoena relates to a federal copyright infringement lawsuit alleging that someone in the home illegally downloaded a movie using file-sharing software like BitTorrent.


If the Court does not “quash” the subpoena then Comcast (or your other ISP) will release your name to the company who filed the copyright infringement lawsuit. Once their attorney finds out your name, you will either be sent a letter demanding money to make the lawsuit go away, or you will be sued. Perhaps both.


First, Don’t panic. As long as you do not ignore this (especially if you are served with a summons) as long as you pay attention to this and speak with a lawyer you will be most likely be fine. It may cost you some money to resolve this, but it is highly likely it will not ruin your life.

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The best thing to do is to talk with an experienced lawyer.

  • Learn about what the notice means.
  • Do you want to quickly and anonymously make this go away by resolving the lawsuit by settling?
  • Or do you want to prepare to fight the lawsuit?
  • Should you file a motion to quash the subpoena?
  • Ask us every question that concerns you.

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LHF Productions, Inc. v. Does 1-15 1:16-cv-1354

LHF Productions, Inc. v. Does 1-17 2:16-cv-0498

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