UPDATE – Criminal Productions Subpoenas in Philadelphia


UPDATED September 23 2016

Criminal Productions Inc. has begun suing folks in Philadelphia for allegedly downloading the movie “Criminal”. But they are.

On August 15th, Criminal Productions Inc filed a copyright infringement complaint in Philadelphia federal court against 5 unnamed defendants, referred only by their IP addresses. All we know is they live in Philadelphia, Reading, Harleysville, and Levittown and allegedly torrented the movie using a file called Criminal 2016 1080p BluRay x264 DTS-JYK on July 17th.

Now, judge Cynthia M. Rufe has ordered that Criminal Productions Inc may issue subpoenas to Comcast Cable to reveal the true names and address of those subscribers with the following IP addresses:


Click here for a copy of the Order by Judge Rufe.

Those people who pay the internet bill for those IP addresses are going to receive a letter from Comcast about copyright infringement and Criminal Productions subpoenas in Philadelphia.

Contact us and let our experience help you make the right legal decision for you. We will help you decide what to do about the Criminal Productions Inc subpoena.

  • Learn about what the notice means.
  • Ask every question that concerns you.
  • Learn the facts and decide if you want to settle the lawsuit anonymously, wait to see if nothing happens, or plan to fight back.
  • File a motion to quash the subpoena? We’ll help you to decide.

Call us today for a free consultation at 312-201-8310 about the Criminal Productions Inc. Subpoenas in Pennsylvania or use the contact form below. Don’t panic. Learn the facts and speak for free, confidentially, with our experienced attorneys.

This is what clients say Antonelli Law is very good at:

  • Reducing your anxiety about the problem
  • Giving clear information to help you decide what to do
  • Responsive and accessible via phone and email
  • Tenacious and effective lawyers in lawsuit litigation

If you receive a letter from from your ISP that informs you a subpoena was received to reveal your identity, call Antonelli Law nationwide at 312-201-8310 or use the contact form below. Our local counsel is admitted to the Pennsylvania state and federal bar and will help us resolve this lawsuit for you through anonymous settlement or by defending you in court.

We’ve represented over 1,500 people across the country facing federal lawsuits alleging copyright infringement using Internet technologies like BitTorrent. We understand the shock you may be feeling from receiving Criminal Productions subpoenas in Philadelphia, and have the experience to help you deal with this in the best way possible for you. Attorney referrals accepted.

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Please tell your friends NOT to download this movie or they may be sued. Their first notice will be receiving one of the several Criminal Productions Inc subpoenas.

Criminal Productions Inc is represented in Pennsylvania by attorneys Charles Thomas and Lee M. Herman of Media, Pennsylvania.

A copy of the lawsuit’s Complaint can be found here: Complaint Criminal Productions Inc v Does 1-5 16-cv-04467 PA


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