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Malibu Media LLC ISP Subpoenas Approved By Virginia Court

Malibu Media LLC, the producer of pornographic films on the website has sued a number of Virginians under the US Copyright Act for allegedly downloading its movies for free from the internet. Now, federal judges in the following cases have approved Malibu Media‘s request to send subpoenas to reveal the names

Malibu Media LLC Sues Again in Virginia – Antonelli Law is Ready to Help You Defend

Malibu Media LLC is a producer of pornographic films shown on its website, and an aggressive filer of copyright infringement lawsuits against thousands of people it believes downloaded its movies for free. On February 16 Malibu Media LLC filed a new lawsuit  in the Eastern District of Virginia. Malibu Media v

Cell Film Holdings LLC Lawsuits From New York to Hawaii

Cell Film Holdings LLC, the copyright holder for the movie “Cell” starring John Cusak and Samuel Jackson, is suing internet users from New York to Hawaii for allegedly downloading the film using file-sharing software over the internet in violation of the US Copyright Act. There are many Cell Film Holdings LLC Lawsuits.

More Virginians Targeted by LHF Productions Inc Lawsuit in Virginia

Last month we reported that more than 100 Virginians would soon be served with summons and complaint by the producers of the movie “London Has Fallen” according to federal court records. In these LHF Productions Virginia lawsuits, it alleges defendants in Alexandria, Arlington, Ashburn,Chantilly, Colonial Heights, Gainseville, Petersburg, Chester, Richmond, Stafford, Glen

I received a Comcast Copyright Infringement Letter and Subpoena – Help!

I received a Comcast Copyright Infringement  letter and Subpoena – Help! If you received a letter from Comcast or another Internet Service Provider (ISP) with a Subpoena, don’t the ignore it. Get ahead of the problem, talk with a lawyer. When you get a letter from Comcast informing you of copyright infringement allegations
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