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POW Nevada LLC Sues Hawaiian Users for “Revolt” Movie Downloads – ISP Defense

POW Nevada LLC Sues Hawaiian Users for “Revolt” Copyright Infringement Hawaiian internet users of Hawaiian Telcom, Time Warner Cable, Verizon Wireless, and Sprint PCS are being sued for illegal downloads of the 2017 science fiction film “Revolt”. POW Nevada LLC, the movie company behind the movie, is the lawsuit plaintiff. POW Nevada is an affiliate of

ME2 Productions Sues New York Internet Users Alleging Illegal Movie Downloads – Information from Antonelli Law

ME2 Productions Inc. , the movie company holding the copyright to the movie  “Mechanic: Resurrection” starring Jessica Alba and Tommy Lee Jones has filed a number of federal lawsuits in New York alleges these internet users illegally downloaded the movie for free using file sharing software called BitTorrent. The lawsuits target Optimum,
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