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Torn Pictures Production Ltd. – Judge Approves 10, not 21 Doe Defendants

Torn Pictures Production Update – Judge Approves 10, not 21 Doe Defendants Torn Pictures Productions Limited is a company that appeared on the court docket in mid-December 2015 after filing 5 multiple Doe cases in the Northern District of Illinois. These cases targeted a total of 124 Does. Just last week, the

Digital Piracy – Protect Yourself Now

I was recently interviewed by the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, the “lawyer’s newspaper” printed in Chicago since 1854. Its the type of newspaper that older attorneys still read every day, delivered to their office, and contains the daily docket for state and federal courts in the Chicago metropolitan area. But the subject

Illinois Cobbler Nevada ISP Letters Arriving

Letters are arriving addressed to ISP subscribers in the Northern District of Illinois for copyright lawsuits filed by Cobbler Nevada LLC. These lawsuits against 353 “John Doe” defendants were filed in September 2015 and allege that the defendants illegally used BitTorrent or similar file-sharing software to download the movie “The Cobbler.” If
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