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Malibu Media LLC Enters Texas – All Hat, No Cattle?

Malibu Media LLC, the copyright holder of erotic films website is perhaps the nation’s most litigious pornographer, whom BNA Bloomberg stated: “files up to 40% of  all copyright claims in U.S. federal court.” And now, it has entered the Southern District of Texas, filing 21 copyright infringement lawsuits in just the

Malibu Media LLC Files New Lawsuits after Three Month Hiatus

Malibu Media LLC Files New Lawsuits after Three Month Hiatus Malibu Media LLC recently filed new lawsuits against internet subscribers in New York, Connecticut and California. Malibu Media filed cases against 21 subscribers in the Southern District of New York and 11 subscribers in the District of Connecticut. Malibu is represented by

Bloomberg BNA Quotes Jeffrey Antonelli on Copyright Litigation, Malibu Media LLC

Bloomberg BNA has published an article about the large increase in federal copyright lawsuits filed by’s owner Malibu Media LLC, quoting attorney Jeffrey Antonelli. The article here is not pay-walled but you may be asked to register. If you or your client receives notice from its ISP that Malibu Media has

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Follow us on Twitter!  @TorrentDefender is the Twitter profile for Torrent Defenders, the online presence of the Antonelli Law BT Copyright Defense Group. We defend those accused by Malibu Media LLC and others of BT copyright infringement including LHF Productions, Fathers and Daughters Nevada, QOTD Film Investment, and more. We have defended

Think Twice Before Downloading that “Free” File

Think Twice Before Downloading that “Free” File When was the last time you received something for free? Was it a water bottle with a logo prominently displayed on the side? Was it an app you downloaded without paying any money, but every time you load it, a ten second advertisement plays? Even
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