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Sued in a Cook Productions LLC Lawsuit? Free Consultation By Antonelli Law

Sued by Cook Productions LLC? Here’s the Help & Information You Need – Antonelli Law Defense Cook Productions, LLC., the movie company behind “Mr. Church” starring Eddie Murphy and Britt Robertson, has sued many internet users across the country. The company alleges its movie was obtained for free on the internet without

Cook Productions LLC Copyright Lawsuit Subpoenas PA “Mr Church” Movie Downloads

Cook Productions LLC is accusing defendants of copyright infringement for downloading the film “Mr. Church” without paying the license fee. The movie stars Eddie Murphy and Britt Robertson. The movie company has filed lawsuits against hundreds of people in Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Oregon. What Are These Lawsuits About?

I received a Comcast Copyright Infringement Letter and Subpoena – Help!

I received a Comcast Copyright Infringement  letter and Subpoena – Help! If you received a letter from Comcast or another Internet Service Provider (ISP) with a Subpoena, don’t the ignore it. Get ahead of the problem, talk with a lawyer. When you get a letter from Comcast informing you of copyright infringement allegations
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