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Criminal Productions Inc. Invades Philly – Because of the Badlands?

We don’t really know why Criminal Productions Inc. chose to start suing folks in Philadelphia for downloading their flick “Criminal”. But they are. Internet users in Philadelphia, Reading, Harleysville, and Levittown are the unlucky ones to have allegedly torrented the movie using a file called Criminal 2016 1080p BluRay x264 DTS-JYK on

Court Allows Subpoenas to Reveal Hawaiian Telecom Downloaders of “Cell” Movie – Cell Film Holdings LLC

Earlier this month, we reported that Cell Film Holdings LLC had begun suing Hawaiian Telecom users who allegedly downloaded the movie “Cell” starring John Cusak and Samuel Jackson. If true, this would be in violation of the US Copyright Act. On August 10th 2016 the District Court of Hawaii granted Cell Film

Update to Malibu Media LLC New York and CT Cases – Increased Downloads Alleged

In several lawsuits filed by Malibu Media LLC in New York and Connecticut, Antonelli Law has observed that within several weeks of the lawsuits’ complaint being filed, additional downloads of movies produced by Malibu Media LLC are alleged to have been downloaded by the unnamed defendant. For example, in the Connecticut case

Fathers & Daughters Nevada LLC Goes After Comcast Downloaders

In the Southern District of Texas, attorneys for Fathers &  Daughters Nevada LLC have been granted court permission to send subpoenas to Comcast to reveal the names of those persons who pay the internet bill, previously identified only by their IP address, who live in Cypress, Houston, League City, Pasadena, or Spring. Fathers &

Fathers and Daughters Nevada LLC Moves to Name and Serve in Texas

In the Southern District of Texas, attorneys for Fathers and Daughters Nevada LLC have asked the court to allow it to name the defendants and serve them in case number 16-cv-01315, where the defendants are now named as Does1–15, anonymous users participating in file-sharing swarm identified by hash ending in DC8F. Previously,
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